Abby Bella Dance Studio
Scottsdale, Arizona

Abby Bella Dance Studio selected NM Interiors Group to manage space planning, generate tenant improvement drawings and provide interior design services for a new dance studio located in north Scottsdale.

The client asked us to create multiple dance studios and squeeze the maximum amount of dance floor into an approximately 1,800 square-foot suite. Because the client's business plan targeted dancers across a wide range of mobility levels, including physically handicapped and wheelchair bound dancers, functional accessibility was a key concern.

The final space plan provided a large studio that could be split, as needed, into two separate dance studios and a smaller dance area at the rear of the suite. A long interior hall adjoining the large dance suite includes an uninterrupted flow of observation windows. A small reception nook, in front, incorporates an efficient, custom designed desk. The client wanted a comfortable, energizing space. So our color palette was based on vibrant tones of lime green, brilliant blue and shades of taupe.

Design services included: space planning, tenant improvement construction drawings, furniture and finish and artwork selections.

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